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110 Years Ago in the [Uniontown] Negro Leader – Feb. 9, 1912

in the [Uniontown] Negro Leader
Feb. 9, 1912

For Rent. 15 acres corn or cotton land near town, at reasonable price.
Uniontown, Ala.

Mrs. Lou Winfield spent a part of the past week at the bedside of Mrs. A. R. Starkey at Selma.

Mrs. Leila Fields and Mrs. Lula Page spent a few days of the past week with relatives at Orriville.

Mr J. C. Carrington is spending the week at Allen witlh his wife who is teaching school there.

Mr. Perry Ellis, a prosperous farmer and merchant at Sunnyside near Faunsdale was a visitor to our office one day this week.

Mrs. Wm. Hicks is reported ill this week. We hope for her a speedy recovery.

W. A. Harris Offers a most beautiful line of Men’s Suits in all the latest styles.

Buy your Seed Corn and Irish Potatoes from Webb Merc. Co.

Leap Year Festival.
The ladies Boards of the A. M. E. church will give a “Leap Year” party at the U. D. A. Thursday night, Feb. I5. The ladies are to pay the gentleman’s way into the hall, and he will buy supper for himself and company. The ones without a iady will be well looked after. No one should refuse to go out and help in making it a success; admission 25c a couple. Benefit of the church.
Rev. L. G. Duncan.

We are glad to announce to our readers that we have secured the service of Rev. L. G. Duncan as associate editor of The Leader; he will he will began in the next week or so. He is a splendid writer, and will devote his writings stricly to church news of the A. M. E. church, Quinn Chapel. We urge every citizen to lend him their assistance.

Mr. Bertram Smith is home for a brief vacation. He is attending the Miller’s Ferry Institute.

Big Spring Opening at Webb Merc. Co.’s next week. Watch this paper next week.

Mr. C. H. Smith left this week for Kemper Co., Miss., on a business trip.

Everything new at Webb Merc. Co.’s store now.

Miss Mabel Patterson who has been at Dublin, Ga. for the past 18 months returned home last week

Grand Master Dudley of the I. O. B. Lodge returned the past week from points in North Alabama
where he has been installing. He is at Faunsdale and other points this week.

Our good friend, Geo. Elmore,who has been suffering with grippe is up again.

The State Negro League will meet at Tuskegee on
Feb. 15 and 16 inst. Dr. Washington and the entire population are making elaborate preparation for
the meeting. Uniontown will of be course represented.

Rev. Wm. Grace arrived this week to visit old friends here. He is now pastoring at Snow Hill. We are always glad to have him in our midst.

Business TODAY.
TO-DAY is here; to-morrow is coming
but yesterday is gone, never to return.
Have you anything to show for yesterday? Break that record to-day and to-day’s record to-morrow, by cooperating with us. Don’t forget suits made to
order. $9.00 to 51.50.