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Portia Shepherd, Black Belt native, announces for State Sen. District 23

Portia Shepherd announced On Feb 14th that she is running for Alabama State Senate in the 23rd District, which includes Perry, Conecuh, Dallas, Lowndes, Butler, Wilcox, Monroe, and Clarke counties. Portia’s struggle internally in high school and dropped out. Yet, she didn’t give up. Portia was determined to better herself and received her GED and went on to pursue higher education. Portia is a proud graduate of Miles College, where she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science. After graduating from Miles, she then went on to pursue her Masters in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from New England College.

“I believe the blackbelt region must embark on a new course, one characterized by significant advances in educational standards, environmental impacts, and economic development,” said Shepherd, a native of Uniontown who has seen the community’s struggles firsthand. “For too long, I have seen residents of this proud region go unheard by those sworn to serve them. Our people are tired of poorly maintained roads, excessive utility bills, non-transparent government spending, the criminalization of minor offenses, and the premature death of our youths. Governments must be held accountable for the problems we face in our daily lives, and I am tired of the empty promises of politicians who are not invested in our community’s success. Unless there is a dramatic shift in course, the people of the blackbelt region will continue to have their needs ignored.”

Shepherd’s message is full of hope and her campaign will focus on community cooperation. “The people of this community are capable of innovative solutions, economic growth, and lasting change. If someone would only stand up and work with them, there is no limit to what we can and will achieve. Therefore, it is with great pride that I announce my candidacy for the Alabama State Senate.”

For more information about Portia Shepherd or to show your support for her campaign, please visit www.vote4portia.com.