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Hale County Hospital’s Hospital Corner

By Abby Lecates, Johanna Mercurio, and Maggie Rosenthal

March is National Save Your Vision Month! Started in 1927 by the American Optometric Association, this month aims to highlight eye health. This not only includes going to regular eye exams but also other preventative measures that can keep our eyes healthy.

Here are some tips optometrists want to highlight this month that can help save our vision:

Protect your eyes doing dangerous tasks. Researchers estimate that approximately 2,000 eye injuries occur every day at work. These injuries include nails rebounding or scratches from sawdust, cement, or drywall. Wearing goggles or safety glasses while working can prevent these injuries from occurring.

Drink more water. Staying hydrated is important for eye health. This is because if you are dehydrated, your eye has less lubrication which can make eye strain and dry eye more uncomfortable. Being dehydrated can also cause blurred vision and headaches.

Be careful when using makeup. Eye makeup should be routinely replaced. Mascara and liquid liners should be used no more than 3 months and eye shadows and pencil liners no more than a year. Avoid waterproof eye makeup if you wear contact lenses.

Eat the rainbow. A diet of colorful fruits and veggies can help keep your eyes healthy. Key nutrients in leafy greens, berries, beets, and citrus fruits are important for eye health as well.