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In the Marion Commonwealth

March 21, 1872

There are now one hundred and thirty pupils at the Howard. Col. Murfee has ordered uniforms for them, which are expected daily, and when dressed in gray they will present an elegant appearance, for they are a fine looking corps of young men. 

The great want of Marion has at last been discovered and brought to the attention of her citizens, and a movement inaugurated to improve the church accommodations in our thrifty little city. The Baptist long since set a good example, and now worship in their substantial and commodious building; the Christian church have a neat and comfortable chapel, whilst the Episcopalians have not been wanting in tasty improvements in this particular, yet the Methodists and Presbyterians cling to their venerable and time-honored temples, until by a natural process of decay, they are well-nigh destroyed. It is pleasing to know the Presbyterians are moving with characteristic energy to repair the waste place of their Zion, in the erection of a new and elegant church edifice, which has provoked the Methodist people to enlarge their borders for the better accommodation of an increasing membership, and for those who gladly hear the gospel from their ministry.