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150 Years Ago in the Marion Commonwealth March 28, 1872

Memorial Day—Will soon be here, and as yet we have not heard of any preparation on the part of the Memorial Association to observe it with the usual ceremonies or any ceremonies at all. Other communities and Associations are taking steps to honor the memory of our martyr heroes on that day, and we doubt not our ladies will not be behind. The orator should have some time to prepare in order to do himself and the occasion anything like justice. 

Tickets—To the Concert next Tuesday night are now for sale at the Drug Stores, at the Book Store, and several other places in town. We hope that everybody will be out next Tuesday Night and give the young men a “rousing house.” The concert will be worth ten times the price of admission. Prof. Sultur’s Concerts are always popular, but we expect this to be his crowning effort. Come one, come all. We desire to see a larger audience than has ever greeted any similar effort in this community. 

G.P.L. Reid and Co., at their Re-fitted and Re-furnished Drug Store, First Door North of the Front Entrance of the “King House,” at the Sign of the Big Mortar, Offer for sale everything usually kept in First Class Houses, such as Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Fancy Articles, Cosmetics, Perfumeries, Paints, Oils, Dye Stuffs, Leads, Zincs, Varnishes, Bushes, Wines, Liquors, & c. At Prices to Correspond with the Times! Of the Medicines they offer for sale a very large proportion is manufactured, from fresh and genuine simpler, In Their Own Laboratory! Their Wine and Liquor Department is kept well supplied with articles approved pure and genuine by the closest tests.