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Taylor will hold community mural painting in U’town on April 23 and 24

The Community Foundation of Uniontown announced that artist Tres
Taylor will be coming to
Uniontown to paint a mural
in the city. Painting will
take place with the help of
volunteers on Saturday,
April 23, and Sunday, April
24, from 9am-5pm on both
Taylor has partnered with
Can’d Aid with a venture
known as The Revolution
of Joy. The mission of this
project is beautifying communities across the Black
Belt region through murals.
Each piece carries the signature style of Taylor’s
other works, primarily on
Ultimately, the project
expects to complete 20 murals across the Black Belt.
Thus far, eight have been
completed, with Uniontown
being the ninth addition to
the growing list.
Previously, Taylor
brought his Revolution of
Joy to Perry County’s own
Marion, with a sprawling
mural facing the historic
downtown district. Greensboro in Hale County also
saw its own mural painted
before Marion, dedicated to
its legacy in the catfish industry.
Projects are completed
through volunteer work and
community involvement.
Tools will be provided for
volunteers and no artistic
experience is necessary.
Those interested may register online, or stop by during
the painting session to take
up a brush.
This event coincides
with Uniontown Community Foundation’s Earth
Day to Arbor Day Celebration event, which begins on
Saturday, April 23.