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Course for beef cattle producers set for Oct. in G’boro

The Alabama Cooperative Extension Service will sponsor an educational course for beef cattle farmers and aspiring beef cattle farmers in Greensboro in October. Classes will be held October 4, 6, 11, and 13 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Alabama Fish Farming Center in Greensboro. The course is geared toward new and limited-experience producers.

The Beef Systems Short Course consists of a series of 4 night meetings designed to provide educational information regarding the fundamentals of beef cattle production. The course will cover 8 topics regarding beef cattle production (2 topics per meeting). The topics are: forages, nutrition, herd health, reproduction and genetics, record keeping, environmental stewardship, meat science, and economics.

Since 2019, this multinight lecture series has welcomed more than 200 participants. This total represents approximately 28,544 acres of production land, 14,212 cattle and an economic impact of $537,970.

During a four-night course, new beef farmers will learn critical information on profiting from beef production. Producers are encouraged to select the location and dates most convenient for them.

“This course will answer the questions that beef cattle producers may have,” said Rickey Hudson, Alabama Cooperative Extension System animal sciences & forages regional agent. “It is invaluable to have proper, science-based knowledge when starting a beef cattle operation.”

There is a $40 registration fee, and all participants will receive a copy of the Alabama Extension publication Alabama Beef Handbook. As a bonus, each enrollee will automatically enter to win a gas gift card to offset their attendance costs.

Getting Off on the Right Hoof

For any aspiring farmer, credible, science-based information is vital. The Beef Systems Short Course is an informative, low-cost resource that can pay dividends to a beef cattle farmer.

According to survey data, approximately 67 percent of participants indicated they intend to adopt one or more of the curriculum’s management practices.

More Information

Programs such as the Beef Systems Short Course provides a return on investment for new beef cattle producers. The value of advice from experts is priceless. For more information on beef cattle production, visit the Alabama Extension website at www.aces.edu.

To register, contact Shelby Marsh at slm0094@auburn.edu, or 334-292-5005.