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Hospital Corner

Part of our mission at Hale County Hospital is to focus on relationship and community-centered healthcare complemented by programming, activities, and community partnerships that support improved health and quality of life of our neighbors. To fulfill this mission we are investing in and developing partnerships with our local community. Throughout the past few months, the Hale County Hospital Fellows have sought out many of the local businesses in the Greensboro area in the hopes of making introductions to the community. At Hale County Hospital, we want to make sure that we are engaging with the community and development relationships with our local businesses.

To continue to support the local community, we have partnered with all the local High Schools to participate in their Homecoming Parade. Last week, the local community had the chance to see the “Hale County Hospital Golf Chart” decorated in blue and white. We enjoyed taking part in the parade and look forward to seeing the Varsity Football Team play throughout the remainder of the season.

Join us on October 14th, as Hale County Hospital participates in Hale County Highschool Homecoming Parade. Additionally, on October 30th Hale County Hospital will be hosting their very own “Trunk Or Treat”. Grab your family and friends and join us in the parking lot of the hospital from 4 pm – 7pm. We look forward to seeing the community and having fellowship with our neighbors.