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Hale County Hospital’s: Hospital Corner

At Hale County Hospital, we are striving to change the way healthcare is delivered to meet the real needs of our patients. We focus on relationship- based and hightouch care that allows us to get to know our patients in ways that less personal systems are unable to achieve. We place a great emphasis on primary care, mental health and behavioral health, and social services, and are working to bring the best of specialty care via video and telephone consultation to your visits with your primary care providers.

It is common for a patient to need more care once they have been discharged from the hospital. Additionally, sometimes before a patient is safe to discharge home, they may need therapy or “skills”, and can stay at the hospital or transfer here from another facility to receive their therapeutic treatment. This is normally described as a “swing bed”.” Swing Bed services are a stop between hospital and home, where patients get the continued care they need while recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery. Our skilled staff provides on – site care, 24 hours a day.

At Hale County Hospital, our team of physical therapists work around the clock to ensure that patients are up and moving better than ever. When therapy goals are met, we make the transition home easier for patients and their families. As patients prepare to leave swing bed, help may include:

a. Arranging in-home care if needed.

b. Helping find alternate living arrangements.

c. Coordinating community services and help

d. Assisting if a patient needs home medical equipment and supplies (shower, bench,

walker, wheelchair, etc)

Patients enjoy the comforts of home, while families have the comfort of knowing their loved ones are receiving the help they need. The length of stay varies, but the quality of care is consistent. After meeting their therapy goals, patients can return home stronger and with more confidence. To enjoy the benefits of a swing bed, one’s insurance must cover it. At Hale County Hospital, we allow all insurances with the exception of medicaid.

If you have more questions in regards to swing bed, please feel free to contact the hospital and dial the extension: 2131.