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Hale County Hospital’s: Hospital Corner

The holidays are here and in full swing! On Saturday 12/10/2022, the City of Greensboro held an incredible Christmas parade down Main Street. With local businesses, churches, social organizations and school marching bands all the way from Birmingham, the parade was full of cheer and followed this year’s theme of “Joy to the World”. Events such as these are a perfect way to bring together all parts of the community to celebrate our blessings and reconnect with those we may not have seen in some time. Saying hello to our neighbors and spending time outside of a clinic or hospital setting is something all employees with Hale County Healthcare look forward to and enjoy participating in!

Our roots run deep in community health care and we believe in the importance of investing in and developing long term partnerships with local community organizations. Through community outreach and education events we strive to be involved and to support the many local religious, civic and other groups to strengthen ties with all parts of the diverse Hale County community.

In our commitment to engage with the residents and the events of the Hale County community, our CEO, Shay Cherry, Director of Nursing, Marlowe Madison and staff members from Hale County Hospital and Hale County Hospital Clinic decorated a float with presents, balloons and the block letters “JOY”; they threw beaded necklaces to the crowd and smiled and waved to the community, spreading the holiday cheer.