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Hale County Hospital’s Hospital Corner

New Year, New Healthy Habits! Protecting the health of yourself and your loved ones, not only includes healthy food and lifestyle choices, but also scheduling follow-ups and wellness visits with a Primary Care Provider at Hale County Hospital Clinic in Greensboro or Moundville Medical Associates in Moundville. Though it is always a good idea to schedule appointments when you are feeling unwell, scheduling annual wellness visits even when you are feeling healthy allows our compassionate team of healthcare professionals to provide you with up to date and preventative, continuation of care. We know that patients are tired of driving long distances for impersonal care by doctors and providers who don’t know or understand them and don’t take the time to listen. We know that patients are tired of having different doctors for each problem, but no one who is able to put together the whole picture in a way that makes sense for them. Here at Hale County Healthcare Authority we strive to provide relationship- based, high-touch care that allows us to get to know our patients in ways that less personal systems are unable to achieve.

What are some benefits to scheduling and attending annual wellness checks with your Primary Care Provider? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, annual wellness checks provide opportunities for cancer screenings and for updating immunizations. Common screenings include breast cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer, all of which Hale County Hospital Clinic and Moundville Medical Associates are able to provide to our patients either directly or through an order with your Primary Care Provider. Immunizations are a critical form of preventative healthcare for both adolescents and adults. From birth to adulthood, following appropriate and recommended immunization schedules can stop many preventable illnesses from affecting you and your children. The best way to find an appropriate and recommended immunization schedule is to schedule an annual wellness check with a Primary Care Provider at either of our clinic locations. We look forward to seeing you at one of our clinics for an annual wellness check!

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