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Hale County Hospital’s Hospital Corner

At Hale County Hospital, we believe strongly in investing and developing partnerships with our local community. To help carry on the mission of “supporting our community” we partner with non – profit organizations like Project Horseshoe Farm. Last week, the Hale County area was impacted by a tornado. Many families lost their homes and belongings. At the hospital, we are empathic too many of the people in the community who were directly impacted and have family members or friends that were immediately impacted.

Our faculty and staff have taken several steps to ensure we are prepared and ready if a tornado were to occur and affect the health of our community. A few months ago, the hospital participated in a “Disaster Drill” with EMS, law enforcement, and other sectors of the community. Our staff member has been involved in classes that will help increase preparedness for a tornado. Last week, our staff kept a constant watch on the tornado and when the tornado was near Greensboro we ensured that all patients and people in the hospital were in the safest location.

Our local partners, EMS department and Project Horseshoe Farm, teamed up and traveled to the local regions that were damaged to help clean up and to help collect important information for the state. The experience was insightful because it helped many of the community volunteers learn more about the different areas of Hale County, meet people who live in the area, and listen to the stories that they shared of this experience in Hale County. At the hospital, we care about the community and are proud to be able to serve its needs.