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Ivey announces grants for sheriffs in all 67 Alabama counties

Governor Kay Ivey on Monday announced the start of the Sheriffs’ Grants for all of Alabama’s 67 counties.

The sheriffs’ departments in each of the state’s 67 counties will be receiving funds quarterly beginning in the first quarter of 2023. The amount of funds each county receives is based on monies that county’s sheriff’s department collected on pistol permit fees in 2022.

“A couple of core tenants of the Ivey Administration is that we back the blue in the strongest way possible and that we support upholding our citizens’ Second Amendment rights. As we have amended Alabama law to help our gun owners, we also worked to ensure our sheriffs received their critical funds, and I am proud that these grants will do that,” said Governor Ivey. “The Sheriffs’ Grants will provide them with funding for training, equipment and other needs not provided by county commissions in their annual appropriations. We are proud to support the vital work our sheriffs’ departments do on a daily basis.”

Under the Local Government Pistol Permit Revenue Loss Fund, Alabama sheriffs need to show a loss of pistol permit funds based on the 2022 figures. The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs is making disbursements to the sheriff’s offices based on reports collected by other state agencies.

“ADECA intends to carry out our duties in this matter to ensure that Alabama’s sheriffs’ offices are compensated for their losses based on those shortages provided in the data,” said Director Kenneth Boswell.

ADECA administers an array of programs supporting law enforcement and traffic safety, economic development, energy conservation, water resource management and recreation development.