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Hale County Hospital’s: Hospital Corner

At Hale County Hospital, we make it our mission to engage with our community and its members. At our hospital, we are lucky because we have a unique opportunity to provide high top quality care to our community members. Additionally, over the years we have made it our mission to pursue and promote healing, improve health, and improve the quality of life in Hale County and surrounding areas. At the hospital, we are able to achieve our mission through relationship centered care. Our providers and staff enjoy having the chance to take care of neighbors and serve the community. Additionally, we make it a point to host community-centered programs and activities that help fulfill our mission. This weekend, the hospital hosted a festival called, “The Mainstreet Community Festival”. The entire day was a blast! The following article outlines some festival highlights and activities. If you want to see more, feel free to check out our facebook page: Mainstreet Community Festival.

From the hours of 10 – 1pm, members of the community could do an array of activities in the health section of the festival. Each branch of the Hale County Healthcare Authorities had tents, activities, and goodies to hand out. Many people had the chance to check their blood pressure, learn how to do CPR, and participate in some physical therapy activities. The hospital teamed up with the Hale County Extension Office and taught a free cooking class with the main ingredient being spinach. Additionally, many people were able to learn fun ways to get up and move because throughout the entire day our psychologist Dr. John Dorsey led pickleball at the health section and Nikki Douglous led a Tai Chi class.

Not only did adults have a good time, but I know the kids were elated throughout the festival. Within the kids section, kids could enjoy a plethora of activities like: a bounce house, get Hale County Hospital temporary tattoo, play cornhole and Tic Tac Toe, chalk up the sidewalk of Main St, get their faces painted, and eat some free hotdogs and other treats! The best part of the kids section was that every event was FREE! At Hale County Hospital, we care about our kids in the community and want to provide affordable opportunities for the kids in the community to have fun.

One of the best parts of the festival were all the vendors and food that our members were able to try! At the festival, we had vendors come from all over the state of Alabama. Many people enjoyed corn and crawfish, bar-b-que sandwiches and burgers, wings and fries, and of course catfish! As the weather heated up, people turned their attention to the amazing shaved ice, lemonade, and other cool refreshments! As people turned on to Main street, they were presented with an array of various vendors that sold local crafts, sweets, clothing, and more fun items for the community.

Throughout the festival, many members of our community had the chance to bust a move as the DJ played some tunes. To close out the show, the headliner band called the “Tip Tops” took everyone home with some of its tunes. The Tip Tops played everything from motown, to R&B, to blues, and pop! Many of our community members brought a lawn chair and enjoyed the performance. Overall, the festival was a blast and we are super thankful to all the people who were able to make the event happen. At Hale County Hospital we enjoy having community events and hope to continue the Main Street Community Festival in the future.