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Judson president offers more details on transfer of campus to foundation

In a recent development surrounding the campus of Judson College, an update has been shared by the school’s Alumnae Association.

Judson College President Daphne Robinson provided details to alumnae regarding the conveyance of the school’s campus to the Judson College Foundation. The newly appointed Board members of the Foundation include President Joan Newman, Secretary Dr. Doug Halbrooks, Daphne Robinson, and James Sanford. The members were appointed by Judson College, which will continue to exist as an organization until all of the school’s debts are settled.

Creditors, including bond holders and three banks, agreed to a sum of money offered by Judson College, funded through an alumna’s endowment.

This agreement allows the conveyance of the Judson College campus, including the Equestrian Center, to the Judson College Foundation. This transaction means that the campus will not have to be sold to satisfy the remaining debt. The campus is now free from debt obligations and the Judson College Foundation is set to explore how best to use the campus.

However, due to current insurance and security issues, alumnae are not able to offer services of physical labor to maintain the grounds, nor can they be on campus for events such as the Step Sing at Jewett Hall. These possibilities may open up in the future.

The campus remains active with certain employees still working part-time, including Charlotte Clements and Tracey Foster.

President Daphne Robinson, although working remotely most of the time, is present on campus as needed. Security workers and one maintenance employee are also retained. The Judson College Foundation allows these employees to lease their office space on campus.

Robinson sent a ceaseand- desist letter to statewide media outlet AL.com last week, demanding that the outlet retract its assertion that Judson College had closed. Robinson said that, while the board had voted to cease operating as a school, Judson College as a business was still open and operating. AL.com published a story clarifying the issue after Robinson’s letter.

The Alumnae Association has reached out to the Judson College Foundation Board Members to discuss their plans for the campus and anticipate a response soon. As the Judson College Foundation seeks God’s will for the campus, the Alumnae Association urges continued prayer for the future of the campus.

While the campus will not reopen for educational purposes, this development signals a positive turn for those who value the campus and the city of Marion. The future of the campus remains uncertain, but its transfer to the Judson College Foundation offers hope that the campus will continue to serve the community in some capacity.