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Honey Hill man charged with dumping ‘load of dirt’ on top of vehicle in Perry

Defendant charged with criminal mischief, harassment, menacing on June 14

In a recent case in Perry County, Johnny Alexander has been arrested and charged with first-degree criminal mischief, harassment, and menacing.

According to court records, Alexander was arrested on June 14. The offenses were reportedly committed three days prior, on June 11.

The charges against Alexander include one count of first-degree criminal mischief, classified as a felony under property-related offenses, and one count each of harassment and menacing, both classified as misdemeanors under Alabama law.

According to the criminal complaint in Alexander’s case, a witness claims Alexander “used his tractor to push and dump a load of dirt on a vehicle” with the intent to cause damage to it. The complaint also accuses Alexander of making verbal threats against the victim, as well as shooting into the air with a shotgun.

Alexander, who is listed as a resident of Honey Hill Road near the Perry-Dallas County line, was initially held in jail upon his arrest. However, he has since been released on a recognizance bond valued at $3,100, which means he was let out of custody on the promise of returning to court when required.

The court records also indicate that the defendant’s first court appearance has been scheduled for July 19, at 1:30 PM.