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Program on elder law set for Aug. 3 at Tartt Library in Livingston

Legal Services Alabama (LSA) is hosting an important elder law learning opportunity to address guardianships and conservatorships August 3 from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. at the Ruby Pickens Tartt Public Library.

Attendees can learn more about the legal processes involved with guardianships/conservatorships, when they are absolutely necessary and when they should be avoided.

Guardianships and conservatorships are legal arrangements designed to protect the interests and well-being of individuals who are unable to make decisions for themselves due to physical or mental incapacities.

While these arrangements can be beneficial in some cases, there are concerns and potential downsides, particularly when it comes to older adults.

Under unnecessary guardianships/conservatorships older adults lose a significant amount of their autonomy, including personal, financial and medical choices.

In some cases, guardians or conservators may exploit their authority and take advantage of an older adult’s vulnerability for personal gain.

Financial abuse or neglect can occur, leading to the mismanagement of the older adults assets and funds.

Once established, guardianships and conservatorships can be challenging to terminate, even if the older adult’s condition improves or they no longer require such level of intervention.

Often, less restrictive alternatives, such as power of attorney, living trusts, or supported decision-making, can be utilized to assist older adults in managing their affairs without completely depriving them of their autonomy.

LSA services for older adults cover a range of areas – advance directives, wills & estate planning, Medicaid Waivers, evictions & housing issues, avoiding unnecessary guardianships/conservatorships, elder abuse and neglect and more.

These free services allow eligible older adults to age with dignity and independence.