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Hale County Hospital’s Hospital Corner

With holiday celebrations around the corner, delicious sweet treats will be right at your fingertips. At Hale County Hospital, we hope that everyone is able to enjoy the holidays with their loved ones and enjoy the delicious treats. Just as it’s important to enjoy the holiday’s, it is equally important to keep healthy behaviors during this time. We understand for many of our patients managing your diabetes can be difficult yearround, but it can be especially hard during the holidays. Within this article, we will go over some tips that will help balance your sugar during this time.

First helpful tip is to “keep a regular eating schedule.” During this time, one can expect holiday parties and many dinners. However, the best thing to do is plan ahead and find ways to keep to your normal eating schedule. If you don’t have a schedule, it may be time to create one as a new year’s resolution. Second tip is to watch out for your carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are in almost everything for instance: bread, cakes, alcohol, corn, beans, and other foods not listed. Third tip is to check your blood sugar at least twice a day. Some of our patients prefer to check in the morning and in the eventing. Whatever time works best for you, checking your blood sugar is very important especially during this time. Finally, at any point during the holidays if you have any questions or not feeling the best. Feel free to call Hale County Clinic or schedule an appointment. The clinic will be closed on Monday December 26th.

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