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Luna Woodworks’ McGill talks to Veritas about her craft

The Veritas Club held its meeting on February 21 at the annex of Peoples Bank, with Sue Day, club president, presiding. The program was presented by Mary Catherine McGill, who gave an informative and fascinating presentation on Luna Woodworks. Mary Catherine and her husband, Ben, operate Luna Woodworks from their home workshop using sophisticated equipment to create custom signs, furniture, and other home decor that they sell to customers.

Furthermore, Mary Catherine conducts workshops at locations such as The Stable or Newbern Mercantile, where participants pay a fee to create their own custom wooden sign or other craft. She provides materials, directions, guidance, and assistance as needed. For more information, Mary Catherine McGill can be contacted at 334-247-2015 or by email at luna.woodworks.greensboro@ gmail.com or viewed online at lunawoodworks. com. Additionally, members of the Veritas Club are interested in inviting Mary Catherine to conduct a workshop at one of their meetings.—