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Uniontown mourns as prom night wreck in Tuscaloosa kills local high schooler

The Uniontown community, along with students and faculty at Robert C. Hatch school, is mourning the loss of a young man over the weekend. Samuel Brown, 18, was a student athlete at Hatch at the time of his death.

Another teenager, 17- year-old Madison Sims, a Paul W. Bryant High School student, was also killed in the accident.

Two other teens, an 18- year-old from Montgomery and a 17-year-old from Marion, were also injured in the accident.

The teens had been attending the Paul W. Bryant High School prom together on Friday night in Tuscaloosa. The prom was held at the Tuscaloosa River Market on Jack Warner Drive.

According to reports by the Tuscaloosa Police Department, after leaving the prom, the 2022 Tesla in which they were traveling collided with a tractortrailer on Skyland Boulevard East at around 1:50 a.m. early Saturday morning.

The car was pinned underneath the truck, trapping the vehicle’s four occupants.

Brown and Sims were both pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, according to police reports.

Hundreds of people attended a memorial vigil held for the teens on Monday in Tuscaloosa, according to reports.

Students formed a circle on the baseball field at Paul W. Bryant High School, prayed, and heard speakers, including Sims’ grandfather.

The following day, in Uniontown, students from Robert C. Hatch school and members of the Uniontown community turned out to memorialize their classmate, Samuel Brown, with a balloon release, held Tuesday evening on the school’s football field.