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Judson president says school’s campus has been conveyed to nonprofit foundation

In a recent email to alumnae, the President of the College, Daphne R. Robinson, announced that the Judson College campus has been transferred to the Judson College Foundation. In an email to alumni, Robinson explained that this foundation is a nonprofit organization initially established to support the charitable activities and mission of the college. Records with the Alabama Secretary of State’s office indicate that Gen. Thomas Adams, former MMI president best known for a failed attempt to relocate the school to Anniston, and the late Dr. David Potts, longtime Judson College president, were the two named incorporators when the foundation was established in 1997 as the Judson College and Marion Military Institute Foundation. The only other filing publicly available from the Secretary of State’s office comes from 2008, when the foundation changed its name, due to Marion Military Institute withdrawing from the foundation when that school became a part of the Alabama Community College System.

However, the change in ownership does not signal the reopening of the college for educational purposes, at least at this time. After a period of financial instability, the board voted to close the college and initially announced plans to seek bankruptcy protection in 2021. School officials later indicated a preference for attempting to pay the school’s debts without seeking bankruptcy protection.

The board had listed the school’s campus and buildings for sale last year, but recent online listings indicate that the property is now off-market.

As the new owner of the campus, the Judson College Foundation is reportedly currently exploring options for the future use of the campus.

President Robinson encouraged the college’s alumnae to continue to support Judson, expressing her hope that “God will use this campus for His purposes.”