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Lincolnite Club announces 2023 scholarship recipients

The Lincolnite Club, Inc., an organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the legacy of Lincoln Normal School, has announced the recipients of its 2023 scholarships. The awards recognize academic excellence, mastery of written composition skills, community service, and commitment to higher education.

The 2023 scholarship recipients are Kennedi A. Sims, LeNaya D. Essex, and Kaitlyn Chandler, all graduates of Francis Marion High School in Marion, Alabama. The scholarships will be awarded upon receipt of the recipients’ college or university enrollment-attendance verification information.

The Lincolnite Club, Inc. expressed its appreciation for participation in and support of its 2023 National Scholarship Program. The Lincolnite Club, Inc. National Scholarship Committee comprises Linton (Charlie) Rutledge (Chairman), Gladys Moore, Rev. Richard Bryant, Thomas J. Miree, Amzie Griffin, Berlean D. Holland, and Viola P. Benson, with Mary Lue Essex serving as the reporter.