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Woman sues city of Marion, former MPD chief and officer, alleging wrongful arrest and police brutality

A lawsuit has been filed against the City of Marion, Alabama, former Chief of Police Damien Steele, and former Police Officer Lonnie Glenn. The plaintiff, Lucinda Shelton, a resident citizen of Perry County, alleges multiple counts of misconduct, including assault and battery, malicious prosecution, and false imprisonment.

According to the complaint, on February 18, 2020, Steele and Glenn were dispatched to 318 Aurelia Street, Marion, Alabama, after a call was placed to the City of Marion Police Department. Shelton, who is the owner of the residence, was inside her home when the police arrived. The complaint details that Glenn entered Shelton’s home without a warrant, shoved her down over a chair, into the refrigerator, and handcuffed her. Shelton was then carried to the patrol car and forced into the back seat. The complaint asserts that there was no probable cause for the arrest, and neither officer was in possession of a warrant.

Shelton was subsequently arrested and charged with harassment, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. The City of Marion prosecuted her in its City Court and later in the Perry County Circuit Court. On May 25, in the Circuit Court of Perry County, the Defendant’s Motion for Judgment of Acquittal was granted, stating that there was not a lawful arrest being made and that Shelton had the right to resist an unlawful arrest. The case was dismissed, and Shelton was discharged.

The lawsuit includes allegations of assault and battery, claiming that the actions of both Glenn and Steele constitute assault and battery. Shelton claims to have suffered injuries including pain and suffering, bruises, contusions, difficulty breathing, respiratory distress, inconvenience, medical and hospital bills, and emotional distress.

The plaintiff also alleges malicious prosecution, claiming that the defendants jointly and unlawfully caused her to be arrested and charged with crimes she did not commit. The prosecution was claimed to have been undertaken in bad faith, unlawfully, and in an oppressive manner.

Additionally, the lawsuit alleges false imprisonment, claiming that the joint unlawful actions of the defendants caused Shelton to be detained, restrained, handcuffed, and jailed, resulting in a complete loss of freedom. Shelton claims to have suffered loss of freedom, mental anguish, pain, anxiety, inconvenience, emotional distress, and incurred legal expenses.

The plaintiff is demanding a trial by a struck jury and judgment in an amount to be established by the jury. The complaint was electronically filed on August 7 by Attorney Robert H. Turner, Sr., representing Shelton.

It is noteworthy that neither Steele nor Glenn is currently employed with the City of Marion. The City of Marion, Steele, and Glenn have not yet responded to the allegations. The case is pending in the Circuit Court of Perry County.