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Second shooting in two weeks reportedly involves Newbern man, MPD says

A shooting, possibly retaliatory in nature, involving two individuals was reported in Marion over the weekend, near Hugh’s Used Cars on Alabama Highway 14. No one was hit or injured in the incident, and as of press time, court records do not indicate that any charges have been filed in the matter.

This development follows a previous shooting that occurred in Marion on Sunday, August 6. Marquis Perkins, 29, of Newbern, was arrested for that earlier incident, which reportedly grew out of a fight that began at a nightclub in downtown Marion and later moved to a nearby convenience store.

The victim’s injuries from the first shooting were serious enough to require surgery. Perkins was taken into custody and charged with attempted murder shortly after the incident, and he was later released on a $66,000 property bond.

The initial shooting incident occurred adjacent to the campus of Marion Military Institute, which had just begun welcoming students back for the new school year over the weekend. That shooting reportedly took place between 3:30 and 4:00 a.m. on Sunday, August 6.

The involvement of the same individuals in two separate shooting incidents within a short time frame has raised concerns in the community.

Local law enforcement is actively investigating both incidents, and further details will be reported as they become available.