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One person dies at Uniontown landfill on Monday, few details

Ed. Note: The Herald has since learned the identity of the victim of the fatal accident at Arrowhead landfill Monday. The updated story is linked here, and below.

UPDATE: Follow link below for updated story

Members of Uniontown City Council acknowledged a tragedy at the landfill south of town at their meeting Monday night.

One person reportedly died at the facility earlier that day, said councilmembers.

The facility, Arrowhead landfill, has been the source of controversy since its construction was first approved in 2006. A development group based in New York and New Jersey bought the facility in late 2018, and since then the volume of waste received at the facility has increased.

The landfill’s recent permit renewal application indicated operators hope for the facility to begin receiving millions of pounds of out-of-state waste once again. The landfill’s out-of-state receipts had dwindled to almost nothing in recent years, after the facility took in millions of tons of coal ash from the Kingston, Tenn. disaster beginning in 2009.

Councilmembers said Monday night that the death, presumably accidental, had interrupted garbage service for the city that day.

Few other details about the death have been made public at press time.